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Get Your Business Ready for Hurricane Season and Beyond

No-cost resiliency webinar series can help your business weather all types of disasters

Does your Hillsborough County business have a plan to recover from a disaster? The COVID-19 pandemic has shown everyone the need to prepare for the unexpected. Good planning doesn't mean you can always avert disasters such as public health crises, storms, fires, utility outages, and cybersecurity threats, but it can help you get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

Join us in June for a weekly no-cost, two-hour small business resiliency webinar panel discussion series. Bounce Back 21 features industry experts with tips on how to help your business weather all types of disasters and navigate the changing post-pandemic business landscape.

Bounce Back 21 Small Business Resiliency: Marketing Your Business
Thursday, June 10
10 a.m. to noon

The pandemic has changed so much of what marketers do and how they do it. These global changes and adjustments require different strategies to connect with clients and customers. This session will help businesses refocus on those areas that appeal to people in the "new normal."


  • Three P's of Marketing (People, Price, and Product): Making the Appropriate Adjustments
  • Advanced Marketing: Social Media and Internet Strategies

Bounce Back 21 Small Business Resiliency: Post-Disaster Planning
Thursday, June 17

10 a.m. to noon

The ongoing pandemic recovery demonstrates that government alone cannot protect small business in the event of any disaster. The planning efforts of individual businesses are critical to the economic recovery of the community. This session will cover risks associated with natural and manmade hazards and disasters that should be included in every business continuity plan and four key crisis areas: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.


  • Emergency Planning in the New Normal
  • Dealing with Emergencies and Disasters
  • Post-Disaster Resiliency Business Planning

Bounce Back 21 Small Business Resiliency: Human Resources
Thursday, June 24

10 a.m. to noon

Human resources laws, policies, and procedures have been recently impacted by legislation and the global pandemic. Meeting these new expectations requires proper planning and implementation if businesses are to continue moving forward. This session will address ways businesses can adapt to these changes and adjust to a post-pandemic workplace.


  • Adapting your Business for the $15 Minimum Wage
  • HR Policies in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

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