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County Residents May Experience Temporary Change in Taste and Odor in Drinking Water

Tampa Bay Water temporarily changes water treatment process, but water quality meets all standards

Tampa Bay Water will temporarily change its water treatment process beginning Thursday, Aug. 26 at its Lithia Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Facility, due to a lack of liquid oxygen deliveries to the facility. Water provided to Hillsborough County Public Utilities customers will continue to meet all local, state, and federal regulations for drinking water. Consumers who are sensitive to taste and odor changes in drinking water might notice a slight change during this period; however, this treatment change will not alter the quality of the drinking water.

Tampa Bay Water is changing the treatment to sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, at its Lithia Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Facility. The lack of deliveries of liquid oxygen is due to a delivery driver shortage caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the need for available supplies to be diverted to local hospitals. Tampa Bay Water continues to work with its vendors to restore regular deliveries. In addition, Tampa Bay Water is adjusting the regional blend of water sources to accommodate the change in available deliveries of liquid oxygen.

Hillsborough County recommends that customers help preserve the region's drinking water by eliminating non-essential water uses, including watering lawns when it's raining, using pressure washers, and washing vehicles at home. For more water-saving tips, visit

Tampa Bay Water's news release can be found here.

Tampa Bay Water is a regional utility created by an interlocal agreement of member governments, which supplies wholesale drinking water to Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, New Port Richey, St. Petersburg, and Tampa.

Hillsborough County Public Utilities customers with additional questions may contact Hillsborough County Water Quality at (813) 264-3835 or (813) 744-5544.


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