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Posted January 13, 2022 | 12:22 PM

Affordable Housing Invested $54 Million into the Community in 2021

Annual investment assisted more than 24,300 households through funded programs and projects

Hillsborough County knows how important safe, stable, and affordable housing is to its residents, and in 2021 focused on creating local housing and community development projects that directly impacted households looking for affordable opportunities.

Hillsborough County Affordable Housing invested more than $54 million into the community during 2021 and assisted more than 24,300 households through its funded programs and projects.

Focusing on five key categories of areas to fund - housing programs, community and public facilities, public services, COVID-19 pandemic services, and ancillary programs - the County worked with more than 40 community partners, including local municipalities, nonprofit agencies, and housing developers, to administer programs and services.

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The programs and services didn't just focus on creating new affordable housing opportunities, but on rehabilitation of dilapidated properties to keep residents in their own homes, creating training opportunities for residents to further their careers in order to afford homeownership, and even infrastructure improvements that enhanced community spaces.

Affordable Housing funded $24.5 million in housing programs that focused on increasing the availability of affordable housing through down-payment assistance for first time homebuyers, new construction of multi-family housing complexes and single-family homes, and the rehabilitation of multi-family complexes and single-family homes.

Affordable Housing-supported community development projects saw $6.5 million invested into facility and infrastructure improvements to enhance the communities around them, and impacted more than 6,300 households in 2021.

Despite the pandemic, Affordable Housing continued to fund its core services, as well as support agencies directly serving vulnerable populations. More than $12.2 million in COVID-19 funding went to help cover past-due rental and mortgage payments of low-income residents, to local nonprofits that helped shelter people experiencing homelessness, and to local daycare providers to support their day-to-day needs as they cared for Hillsborough County children.

Affordable Housing also aided community partners and local municipalities by funding public services, re-housing and housing stabilization programs, and infrastructure improvements that enhanced opportunities for low- and moderate-income households and people experiencing homelessness. Public services and ancillary programs received more than $11.5 million for programs and services that impacted about 13,700 households throughout Hillsborough County, including in Plant City and Temple Terrace.

Building upon the work created over the past year, Affordable Housing now has sights set on new housing and community development projects that will impact at least 27,000 households over the next two years.

Link to Affordable Housing presentation on 01/12/22.


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