Mindful Mondays - Practicing Self-Care

Practicing Self-Care and Improving Overall Wellness

Learn why self-care and emotional health are important to overall wellness

Repeat after us: Self-care is not selfish - it is essential.

Self-care is a vital health care tool that can immediately help with your mental wellness. It can be as simple as taking a few moments to breathe and relax. But did you know that the relaxation response is not instinctive? It is something you must choose to stimulate. Simple self-care exercises can activate the relaxation response that can help decrease anxiety and stress and improve immune response.

Hillsborough County's Mindful Mondays teamed up with Tampa General Hospital Psychologist Dr. Seema Weinstein and Senior Wellness Educator Holly Murphy to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health while helping residents find mental health resources, practice self-care techniques, and improve their overall wellness.

Learn more from Tampa General Hospital's Dr. Weinstein and Holly Murphy in the Make Mental Health a Priority series.

Mindful Mondays Mental Health Resources

Mindful Mondays promotes different ways you can make your mental health a priority but not take up too much of your busy schedule. From chair yoga virtual classes to tips on how to decompress after a long day, Hillsborough County's Mindful Mondays has  various interactive resources for you to access no matter what day or time it is.

Interested in more mindful videos that help improve your mental health? Check out the Mindful Monday's YouTube Playlist.


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