A backyard pool surrounded by a pool safety fence

Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer?

A deep dive into pool maintenance and safety

The heat is on, and Hillsborough County residents are ready to cool off!

Here's three ways homeowners can get their swimming pool ready for summer:

  1.  Safe 
    To  prevent accidental drownings, all swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas - regardless of when they were constructed - are required to have the proper fencing and safety barriers installed. In addition to the  general requirements enforced for all swimming pools, public pools used by residents are required to be enclosed by barriers of at least 6 feet in height and have the proper signage posted.
  2. Secure
    If a pool enclosure has an access gate, it must also be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching locking device. Homeowners can reduce their safety risk and avoid a citation by checking their functional access gate to ensure it meets the  County's standard.
  3. Sanitary
    A clean swimming pool is a must. Pollen, leaves, and other organic material can transform a backyard oasis into a green lagoon if not properly maintained. To prevent this from happening to their property, residents should maintain pools and spas year-round and remove standing water from the top of pool and spa covers. Doing so will  prevent mosquitoes, bacteria, and germs from breeding.

Report an unsafe or unsanitary swimming pool to Hillsborough County Code Enforcement for investigation.


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