Car on flooded street
Posted September 27, 2022 | 5:02 PM

County Warns Residents of Long-Term Widespread Flooding, Limit Water Use During Power Outages

Hillsborough County is warning residents of possible long-term widespread flooding as a result of heavy rainfall expected from Hurricane Ian.

Residents are advised to be aware of widespread flooding covering roads, including flash flooding, storm drains/retention ponds overflowing, floodwaters affecting homes and buildings, as well as urban, small stream, and overland flooding that can happen quickly and catch people unaware. Prolonged flooding is also expected after the storm, especially from rivers.

Residents should stay safe and avoid driving on flooded roads and venturing out in major flooded areas.

Limit Water Usage During Power Outages

Residents are reminded to limit water usage during anticipated power outages, as water pressure can drop causing potential contamination.

Get Connected. Stay Alert.

For more information on Hillsborough County's response to Hurricane Ian, visit and sign up for the HCFL Alert system. Additionally, you can follow Hillsborough County on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor for updates.

Residents without digital access are encouraged to call 833-HC STORM or 833-427-8676, the County's storm information line, for information on Hurricane Ian or visit


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