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Posted January 27, 2023 | 10:29 AM

Hillsborough County Lifts Once-A-Week Lawn Watering Restriction for South County Property Owners

In case you missed it, South County water restrictions were lifted in the midst of the New Year holiday

Nearly two years after implementing a one-day-a-week watering restriction for South County residential and commercial properties, Hillsborough County lifted the restriction on Jan. 1, 2023.

All properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County using potable (drinking) water for outdoor irrigation, including properties south of the Alafia River, are now on standard year-round, twice-a-week watering days and standard times. View year-round watering days and times, watering rules, and conservation tips. Hillsborough County residents and business owners should take a few minutes to check and reset their automatic sprinkler systems to prevent watering on the wrong day or time.

In January 2021, Hillsborough County adopted the one-day-a-week temporary ordinance for users in South County to help improve potable water pressure. The ordinance, which was scheduled to be lifted in January, was not due to drought conditions or water supply concerns.

During the temporary ordinance, Hillsborough County Water Resources completed two projects to help alleviate potable water pressure in South County. In addition, the South County Potable Water Transmission Main is being constructed from the Triple Creek area to the Balm and Sun City Center areas to facilitate increased pressure and reliability. This project will add 11.5 miles of new pipeline to expand system capacity, and it is scheduled to be completed in early 2024.

Hillsborough County reminds users in unincorporated areas that watering is limited to twice per week for most sources, uses, and methods. Watering restrictions continue to be enforced. For property owners in unincorporated Hillsborough County, violating the restrictions could mean a $100 fine for the first offense, $200 for the second, and up to $500 for a fifth and succeeding violations. Nonpayment will result in a summons to appear before a code enforcement special magistrate, and the possibility of additional fines and a lien being placed against the property.

Watering infractions and wasteful practices can be reported 24 hours a day at (813) 224-8993. For complete information on water restrictions in unincorporated Hillsborough County, as well as links to information from the cities of Tampa, Plant City, and Temple Terrace, visit For other questions, contact the Water Conservation Team at (813) 307-1000.


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