Animal Abuser Registry

On September 8, 2016, Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners passed the Animal Abuser Registry Ordinance. The ordinance requires any individual residing in Hillsborough County, who has been convicted of an animal abuse offense on or after November 1, 2016, to self-register within ten (10) business days after their release from incarceration or from the date of the conviction judgment.

Any registered person is strictly prohibited from adopting, purchasing, possessing, or otherwise obtaining certain animals from any animal shelter, pet seller, or other person or entity involved in the exchange of animals by adoption, sale, or other means. A registrant is also not allowed to own, possess, reside in the same household or on the same property as an animal while on the registry and is prohibited from working with a companion animal, with or without compensation.

A registrant shall be required to remain on the Registry:

  • For a period of three (3) years for a first conviction of a misdemeanor abuse offense
  • For a period of five (5) years for a first conviction of a felony abuse offense
  • For a period of ten (10) years for a second or subsequent conviction of either a misdemeanor or felony abuse offense

Information for People Required to Register

Those required to register can call to set an appointment at (813) 272-5670 or email Hillsborough County will schedule an in-person appointment for registration at County Center located at 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. You must bring your state-issued photo ID and a copy of any judgment(s), expungement, or appeal orders.

Information for Animal-Related Businesses and Organizations

All animal-related businesses and organizations are required to ensure that certain animals are not transferred to a person registered as an animal abuser. Animal-related businesses covered under the ordinance include, but may not be limited to:

  • Animal foster and rescue groups in Hillsborough County
  • Animal shelters in Hillsborough County
  • Pet shops and any pet-related commercial establishment in Hillsborough County
  • Animal breeders in Hillsborough County
  • Veterinarian services engaged in the transfer of animals in Hillsborough County

Everyone is encouraged to check the Animal Abuser Registry before they transfer any animal to an individual either by sale, or adoption, or otherwise.