Group Volunteering

Being a volunteer is extremely rewarding, educational, and fun. You can have a significant positive impact on the lives of homeless pets.

Giving a dog a simple pat on the head, scratching a cat behind the ears, or seeing the look on the face of the child about to get their first pet are all ways this opportunity will touch your heart and bring you back for more. It’s especially rewarding to see how the pets respond to the love they receive at the shelter.

Who can volunteer

The Volunteer Program is a certified Points of Light Service Enterprise program and invites groups of all sizes to come help make a difference in pets’ lives. In order to volunteer, everyone associated with the group must be 16 years of age or older, including family members.


Our group volunteers serve as ambassadors for the dogs and cats at Pet Resource Center (PRC) in several different areas:

  • ROMP! Enrichment
    Receiving Outside Meaningful Playtime! (ROMP!) gets dogs at PRC out of their kennels daily to have fun by playing outside. Your group could assist in bringing our dogs out and playing with them during ROMP! to ensure they enjoy themselves to the fullest extent. Cat-savvy volunteers can take the cats out to enjoy their own playtime too. ( Sunday/Saturday: 2 to 6 PM, Tuesday/Thursday: 10 AM to 2 PM, Wednesday/Friday: 3 to 7 PM)
  • In-Kennel Enrichment
    In-Kennel Enrichment is a daily enrichment for PRC pets to enjoy a special treat. Your group could assist by making the special treats for our dogs and cats then handing the treats out individually to make sure each pet is completely spoiled. (Tuesday - Sunday: 2 to 4 PM)


Choose a date and time your group would like to visit PRC, then submit the PRC Group Volunteer Request Form. After that, a PRC Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to arrange your group volunteer day.

PRC Group Volunteer Request Form


For more information email the PRC Volunteer team or call (813) 744-5660.