Pain Management Clinics

In response to rising illegal prescription drug use, distribution, and deaths caused by prescription drug abuse, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners adopted an ordinance that put a moratorium on new pain management clinics in the county. We require clinics to undergo an annual licensing process to continue operating. The Regulatory Compliance Division is responsible for the administration, registration, and oversight of these clinics, with law enforcement and citizen groups to promote the safety goals of the ordinance. If you are looking for a pain management clinic, search our listing of all licensed clinics in the county.

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Clinic Employee Fingerprint Requirements

We require pain management clinics to submit fingerprints of all clinic employees.

Information for pain management clinics on employee fingerprint scanning:

  • Scanning process available by appointment only
  • Email for an appointment
  • No additional charge for fingerprint scanning



For more information email or call (813)274-6600.