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Name: Cemetery For All People

5901 N 22nd Street
Tampa, F


The lands previously known as the Poor Farm (also previously known as the Poor House and the County Farm) were acquired by Hillsborough County on July 12, 1906 as the result of a Florida Constitutional directive that required the establishment of facilities dedicated to the health and perpetual care of society's indigents, including a hospital and tuberculosis sanatorium in addition to the cemetery. The current size of the site is 2.35 acres.

Originally administered by the County Department of Public Assistance, responsibility for indigent burials and guardianship of burial records passed to the County Medical Examiner's Office per Administrative Order in 2002 (AO #02-2). In October 2015, a historical marker detailing the historical significance of the place was unveiled and dedicated on the site by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and the Hillsborough County Historical Advisory Board.

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Name: Faithway Drive Memorial Site

240 Faithway Drive
Seffner, FL


This property is the site of a memorial to the death of resident Jeff Bush in the catastrophic opening of a sinkhole beneath the home he occupied on February 28, 2013, and the loss of the Jaudon and Wicker homes. The size of the site is 0.69 acres.

Name: Hackney Riverview Cemetery

11020 Hackney Drive
Riverview, Florida


This property is the site of a once-abandoned cemetery. In 2010, the Parks & Recreation Department entered into an agreement with Florida Cemeteries (Serenity Meadows, Inc) for the maintenance of the site, with automatic annual renewals commencing after February 3, 2015. The size of the site is 3.35 acres.

Name: John Carney Gravesite

3403 Stearns Road
Valrico, Florida


This property is the site of the grave of John Carney who died on April 17, 1856. The size of the site is 0.85 acres.

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Name: Thonotosassa Cemetery

10830 Magnolia Drive
Thonotosassa, Florida


This small community cemetery located near Lake Thonotosassa was established in the late 1800s through donations of land by the families of General William P Hazen, Elisapti Dorchester, and Captain Owen W Strait. Though the property suffered neglect over a number of years, it is now maintained by the Parks & Recreation Department. The size of the site is 1.19 acres.

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Name: Wynn Memorial Park

2918 Forest Circle
Seffner, Florida

This memorial park and access were dedicated to the County per the plat of the Brandon Forest subdivision in 1973. It is the site of the grave of A W Wynn who died on December 7, 1860. The size of the site is 0.06 acres.

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