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 Citizen Corps is a grassroots strategy by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to bring together government and community leaders to involve citizens in all-hazards emergency preparedness.


Hillsborough County’s Citizen Corps Council asks you to support our local disaster emergency responders by volunteering and training with our partner and affiliate organizations.

  • CERT: Community Emergency Response Teams
    • Locate CERT programs by zip code and inquire about disaster training and volunteer opportunities near you
  • MRC: Medical Reserve Corps
    • Be ready and able to bolster local emergency planning and response capabilities
  • Fire: Fire Corps
    • Enables community members to offer their time and talents to their local fire/EMS department in a non-emergency capacity
  • VCPP: Volunteer Citizen Patrol Program
    • ​Enables community members to offer their time and talents to local law enforcement to assist with non-emergency crime control and prevention

How To

To volunteer with the Citizens Corps, call the department’s liaison, Bill Twaite, (813) 276-8245.

Get Help

(813) 635-5400