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If there is a lien on a property you own or are looking to buy, you can apply for a lien settlement to reduce the fine amount due. You must submit the settlement application through the lien settlement email address before we can review the property record and possibly approve a settlement.

Things To Consider

  • Any property must be in compliance before lien release or settlement can occur
  • When submitting an application complete the entire form to ensure your request is processed quickly
  • Providing complete information will greatly assist us in processing your request and providing an accurate response
  • Lien payoff inquiries must be submitted in writing to the lien settlement mailbox and do not require a completed application
  • All lien settlement requests must be submitted through the lien settlement mailbox; all other forms of contact will delay your request, and response times may exceed 72 hours

Identifying a Lien

These are the steps to take to identify whether your property or a property you wish to purchase has a lien and to pay the fines associated with the lien:

  1. If not known, verify owner of record by searching the owner name, address, or folio number of the property on the Property Appraiser’s website
  2. Check the property address for liens
    • Search for case numbers starting with BA, CE, C, L, or W
    • Clink on the link for those cases to check the status and to see if there is a lien noted
  3. Verify and obtain the lien information in the Clerk of Circuit Court Records
  4. Once you verify that a lien exists on a property the fines will need to be paid
    • Fines can be paid by following the instructions on our payment page

How To

How to request a lien settlement

  • In order for a lien settlement application to be considered, violations on the property must be in compliance and the property owner or their authorized representative must submit a completed and signed application
    • Download the application
    • Review and complete the form, including having the signatures notarized
    • Submit the completed form and any supporting information to the lien settlement mailbox
      • Please note the case number and address of the property in the subject line of the email

*This PDF is fillable and may not work with many browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.) - if you have issues with the PDF form, do one of the following:


What's Next

  1. The Lien Settlement Team will respond as quickly as possible to your request, after a lien settlement application is submitted you can typically expect to receive a response within 7 to 10 business days
  2. Once an offer has been made you will have 30 days to pay the fine
    • Fines can be paid by following the instructions on our payment page
  3. Once payment is received and verified the Lien Settlement Team will Release of Lien on the property

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