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Here you will find the phone numbers and addresses to pay various types of code enforcement fines and registration fees.

Instructions for paying your fine are included in the invoice/notice you receive. Please note, if you make a payment by business or personal check, there is a 60-day hold for the check to clear, prior to releasing any liens.

Things to Consider

The following are the types of Code Enforcement fines and registration fees:

  • Regulatory Cases - Applications, Licensing and/or Fines including:
    • Locksmith Application & License Fees
    • Pain Management Application & License Fees
    • Vehicles for Hire & Trespass Towing Citations
  • Abatement Fines*
  • Demolition / Condemnation Fines*
  • Water Conservation Fines*

*For these fines, email Lauren Daniel before sending payment to verify total owed

How To

  • For abatement fines, demolition/condemnation fines, and water conservation fines email Lauren Daniel before sending payment to verify the total owed
  • List your case # on your payment and include a copy of the settlement agreement or invoice with your payment
  • Pay using one of the following methods:

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