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Here you will find the phone numbers and addresses to pay various types of code enforcement fines and registration fees.

Instructions for paying your fine are included in the invoice/notice you receive. Please note, if you make a payment by business or personal check, there is a 60-day hold for the check to clear, prior to releasing any liens.

Things to Consider

The following are the types of Code Enforcement fines and registration fees:

  • Regulatory Cases - Applications, Licensing and/or Fines including:
    • Locksmith Application & License Fees
    • Pain Management Application & License Fees
    • Vehicles for Hire & Trespass Towing Citations
  • Abatement Fines*
  • Demolition / Condemnation Fines*
  • Water Conservation Fines*

*For these fines, email Lauren Daniel before sending payment to verify total owed

How To

  • For abatement fines, demolition/condemnation fines, and water conservation fines email Lauren Daniel before sending payment to verify the total owed
    • List your case # on your payment and include a copy of the settlement agreement or invoice with your payment
  • Do NOT use the information on this page or use the pay button to pay for False alarm penalties or fines, Fire Marshal fines, Land development fines or
    Motor vehicle noise citation. Use the Pay CEB CESM Fines and Liens
    page for those fines.
  • Pay using one of the following methods:

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