Search Code Violation Cases

What kind of details can I get? 

Search our records for information on past or present code violations. The search will give details such as:

  • Name
  • Address of the violation
  • Case number
  • Open and close dates
  • Current status
  • Violation description
  • Property inspection dates

How to search 

You can search for violations by:

  • Case number
  • Street name
  • Street address
  • Folio or parcel number
  • Name

Search code violations

Please Note
Some internet browsers may return a security warning when trying to search code violation cases. We are aware of the problem. Follow the browser prompts to safely proceed. Or try using an alternate browser. For assistance call 813-274-6600.

Search Code Violation Cases

Where can I report a code violation?

You can report a violation on our Report a Violation page


For more information on codes we enforce, or how to search for violations, call Code Enforcement at (813) 274-6600.