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The 2022 Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program is scheduled to launch in Fall 2021, including the 2022 application.

The Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program was established in 1988 and was developed to help organizations strengthen and engage their communities. The 2022 program is focused on encouraging neighborhoods to invest in their future and create a legacy for years to come through innovative and creative community projects.

2022 Project Categories

  • Neighborhood Identification
  • Leadership Empowerment
  • Safety Opportunities & Education
  • Environmental Enhancements
  • Health & Wellness Engagement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Neighborhood & Community Innovation


  • Must be a Civic Association, Homeowner Association, Special Taxing District, or Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Must be within Hillsborough County. This includes the City of Tampa, the City of Temple Terrace and the City of Plant City
  • Organizations must be registered with the County’s Office of Neighborhood Relations prior to applying for grant
    • Not sure if your organization is registered? Contact your neighborhood liaison below to confirm your status.
    • If your organization is not registered, you can submit your information application online. The Neighborhood Relations team will contact you when they receive your request. They will also notify you when it is approved so you can proceed with your Neighborhood Mini-Grant application. 

Key Dates

The 2022 key dates will be released when the program is launched in Fall 2021.

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