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Is your Neighborhood Organization or Civic Association part of the Neighborhood Listing it is easy and free! We use the Neighborhood Listing to keep our neighborhoods in the know about our neighborhood programs, services, and initiatives.


All neighborhood groups and associations within Hillsborough County, including the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, and Plant City.

Your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an organization made up of residents within a defined geographic area
  • Establish membership by virtue of ownership or occupancy in the defined area
  • Maintain officers or representatives, and demonstrate the method by which such officers or representatives are selected
  • Demonstrate the method(s) by which the officers or representatives are authorized to act on behalf of the organization
  • Have a means to appoint a contact person
  • Be an organization which represents the geographic area of the no less than 50 households
    • The organization must actually represent 50 percent of those households, or no less than 25 households
  • To register as a Civic Association, the association must:
    • be chartered, areawide, with dues-paying members, in order to receive courtesy notice of applications within their area
    • submit a copy of its charter with the application

Neighborhood organizations will be notified confirming they have met the above requirements.


  • Provide information that gives neighborhoods the opportunity to engage with Hillsborough County
  • Promote neighborhood programs and services including Neighborhood Mini-Grants, Expo, Awards Programs, and Backstage Pass
  • Opportunities to participate in County-wide surveys and initiatives
  • Engagement opportunity for Capital Improvement Projects in your community

How To

  • To check that your organization is listed, click the magnifying glass and type your organization’s name. If your organization is in the listing, your association’s information will appear. Please verify that the organization’s information is current. 
  • To update the neighborhood organization’s information, click the here link within the organization’s information box. You will be redirected to the Neighborhood Listing Update Form and can follow the prompts to submit your changes.
  • If your association is not in the Neighborhood Listing, click the Neighborhood Listing Application to apply and follow the directions.

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