Proposed 2022 Solid Waste Assessments

Hillsborough County is proposing increases to the annual Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Assessments for residential curbside pick-up service of trash, recycling, and yard waste, and for the operation of the County landfill, Resource Recovery Facility, and other disposal facilities. The proposed increase would impact residential property owners in the unincorporated area of the county and the New Tampa solid waste service area.

Download the Proposed 2022 Solid Waste Assessments

What services do annual residential solid waste assessments pay for?

The assessments pay for the County’s cost of providing the following services for single-family residential customers:

  • Two garbage collections per week
  • One recycling collection per week
  • One yard waste collection per week
  • Disposal of up to two tons of self-hauled bulky waste (such as furniture and tires) at the five Hillsborough County Community Collection Centers
  • Disposal of up to two tons of self-hauled yard waste at the County’s three yard waste processing facilities
  • Disposal of limited quantities of household hazardous waste, household electronics, paint, and batteries brought to various County collection facilities

Why are the solid waste assessments increasing?

The Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division subcontracts the collection of residential garbage, yard waste, and recycling services provided to residents. The cost to provide collection services has increased substantially over the last year. The increase is related to the maintenance/purchasing cost of trucks, increased fuel prices, labor costs, and the steady population growth in the county. In addition, the average amount of waste generated by households has increased driving the need to invest in new solid waste facilities to manage the waste in an environmentally sustainable manner.

How much are the proposed 2022 solid waste assessments?

  • The proposed 2022 rate for the collection assessment will increase by $48.04 annually
  • The proposed 2022 rate for the disposal assessment will increase by $15.43 annually
  • The total increase per household will be $63.47 annually
  • That’s $6.78 per week or $1.69 per collection (4 collections weekly)


   Current 2021 Assessments  Proposed 2022 Assessments
Collection   $186.43  $234.47
 Disposal  $102.89 $118.32 
Total Assessments (annual)   $289.32  $352.79

How do the proposed rates compare to rates in other surrounding counties?

See below a chart of the rates and how they compare to other surrounding counties.


County  Cost of Service (Collection and Disposal) 
Collier County $213.00
Hernando $242.50 
Broward County  $270.00
Pasco County $333.00 
City of Tampa $418.00 
Palm Beach County  $419.00 
Miami-Dade County $484.00 

When will the decision to increase Hillsborough County’s solid waste assessments be considered?

After the public hearing at 10 a.m. on August 4, 2021, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to vote to approve or disapprove the rate increase.

How are the assessments paid?

Property owners are automatically assessed annually each November on their residential property tax bill. There are two separate non-ad valorem assessments, a Solid Waste Collection Assessment for residential curbside pick-up service and Solid Waste Disposal Assessment that pays for the operation of County disposal facilities.

Are discounts available for senior citizen homeowners?

Yes. Eligible Senior citizens 65 years old and older, that own and live in the single residential unit may be eligible for a 28.73% discount on their single-family regular disposal assessment. The discount does not apply to the collection assessment. With a 28.73% senior citizen discount, the proposed 2022 disposal assessment of $118.32 would decrease to $84.

Eligibility and application information for the Senior Citizen Solid Waste Discount are available at or by calling (813) 272-5680.

Does the County have a payment assistance program for low income families?

A proposed Solid Waste Hardship Credit program will be considered by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners on August 4, 2021. If approved, more details on eligibility and applications would become available before the new rates take effect.

Can I cancel my residential solid waste collection services?

No. Residential collection services are mandatory for all single-family residential units in Hillsborough County.

How can I voice any concern about the proposed rate increase?

Impacted property owners were mailed a Notice of Public Hearing in early July with details about the public hearing at 10 a.m. on August 4, 2021, along with information on how to provide public comment or participate in the public hearing. Residents who wish to speak during the public hearing will have the right to do so by either appearing in person if the County Commission Board room is open or by completing the online Public Hearing Comment Form found at if the County Commission Board room is closed. Residents can call (813) 272-5680 two weeks before the meeting to confirm if the County Commission Board room will be open or with any questions about the rate hearing. You also have the right to submit comments or any documents before the meeting by sending them to