Proposed 2023 Solid Waste Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

The residential solid waste assessments cover the cost of solid waste services for single-family residential customers, including recycling and garbage collection.

For 2023, the assessment rates are NOT changing, however the County is changing from a calendar year to a fiscal year assessment period.


  1. What services do the residential solid waste assessments pay for?

    The assessments pay for the County’s cost of providing the following services for single-family residential customers:

    • Two garbage collections per week
    • One recycling collection per week
    • One yard waste collection per week
    • Disposal of up to 10 cubic yards of self-hauled bulky waste (such as furniture and tires) at the five Hillsborough County Community Collection Centers
    • Disposal of up to two tons of self-hauled yard waste at the County’s two yard-waste processing facilities
    • Disposal of limited quantities of household hazardous waste, household electronics, paint, and batteries brought to various County collection facilities
  2. Are the solid waste assessments changing for 2023?

    The non-ad valorem assessment amount per unit collected for 2023 is not changing from the amount collected for 2022. However the County is changing the solid waste assessment period from calendar year (Jan. to Dec.) to fiscal year (Oct. to Sept.) to better align revenue collection with operational spending and to be consistent with other County non-ad valorem assessments. This provides a significant one-time benefit to hold the rates flat for residents in 2023.

  3. How much are the proposed 2023 solid waste assessments to be billed on my Nov. 2022 tax bill??
    • The proposed 2023 rate for the collection assessment is $234.47 per unit
    • The proposed 2023 rate for the disposal assessment is $118.32 per unit
    • The total increase per household will be $0
  4. When will the decision on Hillsborough County’s solid waste assessments be considered?

    At the public hearing at 10 a.m. on July 20, 2022, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to vote to approve or disapprove the proposed assessment rates.

  5. How are the assessments paid?

    Property owners are automatically assessed annually each November on their residential property tax bill. There are two separate non-ad valorem assessments, a Solid Waste Collection Assessment for residential curbside collection service, and Solid Waste Disposal Assessment that pays for the operation of County disposal facilities.

  6. Are discounts available for senior citizen homeowners?

    Yes. Senior citizens 65 and older may be eligible for a 28.75% discount on their disposal assessment. The discount does not apply to the collection assessment.

    Eligibility and application information for the Senior Citizen Solid Waste Discount are available at or by calling (813) 272-5680.

  7. Does the County have a payment assistance program for low-income families?

    Yes. Hillsborough County Solid Waste offers eligible homeowners financial assistance to help cover a modest portion of their annual Solid Waste Management assessments. The Solid Waste Management Hardship/Affordability Credit program is for qualifying low-income homeowners. It is designed to provide up to a $60 credit that will be issued against the solid waste collection and disposal fee for an approved property.

    Applicants must apply and submit all required supporting documentation by July 31, 2022, for the 2023 assessment. If approved, the County will pay a portion of the homeowner's Solid Waste Management Disposal and/or Collection Assessment for the approved year. Residents who have been approved must reapply every year.

  8. Can I cancel my residential solid waste collection services?

    No. Residential collection services are mandatory for all single-family residential units in Hillsborough County.

  9. How can I voice any concern or support about the proposed rate?

    Impacted property owners were mailed a Notice of Public Hearing in late June with details about the public hearing at 10 a.m. on July 20, 2022, along with information on how to provide public comment or participate in the public hearing.

    Members of the public desiring to participate in the public hearing have access either by appearing in person in the Hillsborough County Board Room located on the second floor of the Frederick B. Karl County Center, 601 East Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida or appearing virtually by way of the multi-purpose room on the first floor of County Center or by appearing via Communications Media Technology.

    • Anyone who wishes to speak must complete the online Public Comment Signup form found at or register in person the day of the public hearing in the lobby of County Center.
    • Online signups for the July 20 public hearing will not be accepted after 9 AM on the day of the hearing
    • Public comments offered using Communications Media Technology will be afforded equal consideration as if the public comments were offered in person

    Residents can call (813) 272-5680 with any questions about the rate hearing.

    Residents also can submit comments or any documents before the meeting by following the instructions found on the page.

    Additionally, residents may file written objections to Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division, P.O. Box 89637, Tampa, FL 33689.