Trash & Recycling Fees

What are the residential fees?

You do not pay the fee for curbside collection of trash, recycling, and yard waste monthly. Instead, we assess it through a non-ad valorem fee on your property tax bill. We don't use property taxes to fund trash services and all rates are reviewed annually.

Compared to other cities and counties, our residential solid waste customers pay one of the lowest rates in the state.

What if I’m a renter and don’t have a Property Tax Assessment?

You can dispose of materials at Hillsborough County facilities by paying the applicable fees for disposal, or contact Solid Waste at (813) 272-5680 to discuss your disposal options.

What if I am a commercial customer?

Commercial solid waste customers pay for disposal services through fees, called tipping fees, charged at the County’s processing and disposal facilities.

Pick-Up Service Fees

  1. Disposal

    Annual Disposal Assessment per Dwelling Unit - Effective Jan. 1, 2020

    • Single family, regular - $102.89
    • Single family, senior citizen - $73.32
    • Condominium, regular - $66.30
    • Condominium, senior citizen $46.23
  2. Collection

    Annual Collection Assessment per Dwelling Unit

    Effective Jan. 1, 2020

    • Curbside - $186.43
    • Collection service charge for use of CCCs - No Charge
    • Additional Backdoor Service - No Charge
    • Disability Backdoor - No Charge
  3. Special Curbside Pickup

    You can request a special curbside pickup for a fee. Prices generally range from $15 to $125, based on the size and number of items. Check out the Special Curbside Pickup for Bulky Items page for fees.

  4. Drop-off Information and Fees

  5. Limits

    Limits for residential customers dropping off solid waste materials

    • Residential customers are limited to delivering 10 cubic yards of solid waste material to CCCs per year, as part of their annual assessment
      • Equivalent to the material that can be put into a vehicle pulling a double-axle trailer or a loaded box/straight truck
      • For comparison, a loaded pickup truck generally only carries about two cubic yards
    • Once the 10 cubic yard limit per year has been reached
      • Deliver solid waste material to the Southeast County Landfill or one of the County’s Solid Waste Transfer Stations
      • Pay standard commercial disposal charges, also called tipping fees
    • Residents may also dispose of up to 12 tires per year as part of their annual assessment
    • Tires in excess of 12 per year
  6. Processable and Non-Processable

    Effective as of October 1, 2020

    Disposal rates are per ton

    • Commercial
      • Processable* - $73.22
      • Non-Processable - $62.38
    • Non-profit Recycling Residue
      • Non-Processable - $35.00
    • Yard/wood waste processing**
      • Non-Processable - $37.06

    *Processable waste – solid waste that can be burned in our Resource Recovery Facility, including, but not limited to, household and other garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse, combustible agricultural, and commercial and light industrial wastes. If you have questions about whether your self-hauled waste is processable, contact a staff member at the facility or call Solid Waste at (813) 272-5680.

    **Yard/Wood Waste delivered to the County for processing, including but not limited to delivery to the Yard/Wood Waste Facility at Northwest on Linebaugh Avenue, or the Yard/Wood Waste Facility on Falkenburg Road, or the Yard/Wood Waste Facility at South County on U.S. 41.

  7. Tires

    Effective as of October 1, 2020

    • Passenger Tires (Without rims and less than 18" in diameter)
      • $130 per ton
      • $6 each
    • Tires with Rims
      • $185 per ton
      • $8 each
    • Semi-truck and oversized tires
      • $155 per ton
      • $14 each
  8. Other / Miscellaneous Fees

    Effective as of October 1, 2020

    • Mixed load surcharge - 2 times the posted rate
    • Witness disposal - $100 per event
    • After hours disposal - $300 per hour
    • Recycling registration - $50 each
    • Vehicle weight - $10 each
    • Asbestos - $158.25 per ton
    • Load Search Fee - $100 per event
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