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You can convert your existing residential well over to our potable water system, but there are several fees and regulatory requirements you will need to meet first.


Set Fees:

  • Water capacity fees (by Service Area)
    • North: $1,863
    • South/Central: $2,214
  • 5/8 " meter installation fee: $350
    • Your contractor will determine if you need a larger meter.
  • One-time account set-up fee: $25
  • Residential Dual Check fee: $90
    • Additional on site-backflow requirements may be determined by the County Plumbing Inspector
  • Potable water deposit
    • Deposit: $90
    • Deposit may be waived with approved credit check

Variable Fees:

  • Connection from the potable meter to the home
  • Cost to abandon and cap the well (if abandoning the well) in accordance with Department of Health
    (DOH) and Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) requirements
  • Cost of a County and/or Department of Health permit

Things To Consider

  • You must pay all connection fees prior to your meter installation
  • Meter installation is typically completed in 10-14 business days
  • You must decide whether or not you are going abandon your well or keep it

How To

  1. Find a licensed plumber
    • Contact several licensed plumbers to obtain a cost estimate for all on-site activities
    • Check out our Contractor Licensing Reports page to help you find one
  2. Request a connection contract by calling (813) 272-5977 ext. 13611 or emailing Water Resources when you are ready to connect
    • The following information is required:
      • Account number or service address if you have current or past service history with the water department
      • Owner / Renter account information
      • Plumbing permit #
      • Daytime contact information
      • Date you anticipate connecting / converting to our water system
      • Completed Disposition of Well form
  3. Pay all connection fees
  4. Mark proposed location of the meter

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