Water and Wastewater Hardship/Affordability Assistance Discount


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The Water Resources Department Hardship/Affordability Assistance Discount is an assistance program that helps eligible utility account holders reduce their monthly water and/or wastewater Base Facility Charges.

Hardship and affordability assistance discounts are applicable to Base Facility Charges equal to $2.50 per month for water service and/or $2.50 per month for wastewater service totaling no more than a $5.00 credit for each month of eligibility.


Eligible account holders must apply for the program, submit all required supporting documentation, and meet all criteria listed below:

  • The applicant name must also be the Water Resource account holder.
  • The service address must be an individually metered single-family residence, must be the primary residence, and applicant cannot request more than one discount. Master-metered residential service or commercial services are not eligible.
  • Eligibility requirements will be determined by and based on Hillsborough County’s Social Services Department (Social Services) criteria used to determine the annual income of the household residing at the service address and will be based upon the most recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines published in the Federal Register.
  • Must maintain a current account balance and not have unauthorized use of service.

Eligibility for the Water Resources Department Hardship/Affordability Discount

Applicants will be asked the following questions to determine eligibility:

  1. Are you a Hillsborough County Water Resources account holder?
  2. Is the service address an individually metered single family resident?
  3. How many people live in the household?
  4. What is your household’s adjusted gross income (as listed on your 1040)?
  5. Do you have your most current Water Resource Services bill statement?

Things To Consider

  • To apply for the hardship affordability discount program, you must submit all required information online
  • Approval from the County is required to receive discount

How To

  1. Gather all necessary documentation:
    • Social Security number verification for each household member
    • Identification for all members of the household:
      • Copy of valid (not expired) identification for all adult household members, including yourself
      • Copy of identification for all minor household members (birth certificate, school records, or immunization records)
    • Copy of your current Federal income tax return to verify household income (Form 1040 – both pages)
    • Electronic copy of most current Water Resource Services bill statement
    • Additional requirements may be necessary for eligibility determination depending on each household situation.
    • All eligible applicants who apply for the hardship affordability discount program will be considered, but must apply and provide all necessary eligibility documents.
  2. Apply online for the Hardship/Affordability Assistance Discount Program

What's Next

  • If eligible, applicants will receive an approval letter/notification from the Water Resources Department or Social Services
  • An account holder must reapply every year, but we will notify participants 60 days prior to expiration to reapply

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