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We calculate each household’s sewage bill based on water usage. An irrigation meter may help you save money on the monthly sewer charges.


County utility fees
  • $350 - 5/8" irrigation meter

Other fees

  • Permit fees
    • A licensed irrigation or plumbing contractor must pull the permit
    • Check with the contractor for the total cost of pulling the permit
  • On-site cost to connect the irrigation system to the new "irrigation only" meter
    • Determined by your contractor


  • Homeowners who use less than 8,000 gallons a month for in-home non-irrigation use may save money with a residential irrigation meter
  • Seasonal customers who leave the irrigation on while they are away can also see savings from a meter

Things To Consider

  • If you typically use less than 8,000 gallons a month, excluding irrigation, you may benefit from an irrigation meter
    • Typical potable household use is 80-100 gallons per day per person
  • Weigh the cost of installation and net savings when determining whether or not to install an irrigation meter
    • What net saving could you realize with a separate irrigation meter
      • Example: Normal household use of 6,500 gallons would only lower my bill by $7 a month
    • How much will it cost to the have a licensed plumber or irrigation contractor connect my irrigation to the new meter
    • You are responsible for all required backflow requirements, as determined by the County plumbing inspector

How To

  1. Your licensed plumber will apply for a plumbing permit to install the meter
  2. Email your address and a copy of the Plumbing permit to
  3. Apply in person with our Service Availability staff:

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