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Year-round conservation measures limit lawn watering to a maximum of twice per week. Unless otherwise noted, the County's water use restrictions apply to all properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County and all water sources except reclaimed water. Depending on weather conditions, your yard may need less water than you think.

Addresses ending in 0, 1, 2 or 3 Mondays and Thursdays
Addresses ending in 4, 5 or 6 Tuesdays and Fridays
Addresses ending in 7, 8 or 9 Wednesdays and Saturdays

Locations with no address (common areas) and locations with mixed addresses (such as office complexes) 

Wednesdays and Saturdays

Please note: Water use restrictions are subject to change in response to local and regional water supply conditions.

Watering Times

All watering must be done before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m., and only once on your designated days.


Hand Watering

Hand-watering and low-volume irrigation of plant material other than lawns or turfgrass may be done on any day and at any time. 

New Sod and Landscaping

All watering of new sod and landscaping must be done before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. An irrigation system zone can only be operated if the new sod or plant material covers at least 50 percent of that zone.

  • New sod and landscaping may be watered on any day for the first 30 days
  • On days 31-60, new sod and landscaping may be watered approximately every other day: even-numbered addresses on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Odd-numbered addresses, locations with no address and locations with mixed addresses on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Decorative Fountains, Car Washing, Pressure Washing

  • The use of any fountain or water feature is allowed provided it is properly maintained and also recycles water, exclusively uses reclaimed water, or provides a necessary water quality benefit.
  • Car washing is allowed using hoses equipped with self-canceling or automatic shutoff nozzles, sponges, and buckets.
  • Pressure washing of sidewalks, driveways, patios and other impervious surfaces is allowed for public health and safety. Pressure washing should not be used to clean away materials that can be removed with a broom or other dry methods.

Reclaimed Water

  • Use reclaimed water for irrigation any day of the week, but it is prohibited between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM
  • Use reclaimed water for irrigation of lawns, gardens, and individual plants
  • Do not allow ponding or run-off from your reclaimed water system

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Wasteful and Unnecessary Use

The following wasteful and unnecessary water use activities are also prohibited for all water sources, at all times, and for all property owners:

  • Allowing water to flow from an unattended hose, unless that water is discharged from a functional water-to-air air conditioning unit, residential reverse osmosis treatment system, or similar device.
  • Hand watering a lawn on an otherwise restricted day or more than once a day, except when used for spot treatment or other practices specified in the Hillsborough County Water Conservation Ordinance or F.A.C. 40D-21 and 40D-22.
  • Hosing-down a driveway or other impervious surface to remove grass clippings or other debris that can be removed with a broom or other dry methods.
  • Hosing-down a building or other structure to remove cobwebs or other material that can be removed with a broom or other dry methods.
  • Allowing water to flow from a broken sprinkler head, outdoor faucet, or other malfunctioning plumbing or irrigation system component, after receiving verbal or written notice of the malfunction from the Southwest Florida Water Management District, water utility, or local government.
  • Allowing water to be dispersed without any practical purpose to the water user.
  • Allowing water to be dispersed in a grossly inefficient manner, regardless of the type of water use.
  • Allowing water to be dispersed to accomplish a purpose for which water use is unnecessary or which can be readily accomplished through alternative methods without water use.

For More Information

  • For more detailed information on water restrictions visit the following websites:
  • For questions about Hillsborough County's water use restrictions, call the Water Conservation Team at (813) 663-3295, during regular business hours
  • For a recorded summary of water use restrictions, call the Watering Restriction Information Line at (813) 275-7094
  • For questions about a citation or warning, call Code Enforcement at (813) 274-6600, during regular business hours
  • Water Restrictions Violations and Appeals

Water Use Restrictions Enforcement

Hillsborough County Code Enforcement regularly enforces county ordinances for year-round watering restrictions. Observed violations may result in citations starting at $100.

To report properties which are not following adhering to watering restrictions, call the Water Conservation Hotline at (813) 224-8993 or report online. Before reporting, be sure to get:

  • the address where the watering is occurring,
  • the date and time, and
  • the type of violation (irrigation at wrong date/time, broken sprinkler head, watering on the road/sidewalk).