How to Read Your Utility Bill

Use this legend to understand your new bill:

A. This is your Hillsborough County utility account number. Customers sending a payment online without the pay-stub will need to indicate this account number when processing their payment.

B. The due date is the date that your bill is due on, or before.

C. The service address charges breaks down and totals all the charges outlined in your utility bill. 

D. This is the total amount due, including past due charges from previous billing cycles, recent payments and adjustments.

E. This easy-to-read graph provides 13 months of usage history. This information is helpful for conservation purposes, and in alerting you to possible excessive usage.

F. You will find a detachable stub located at the bottom of your utility bill. Detach this stub and return it with your payment. Indicate changes in mailing address and other contact information on the back of this stub.

G. Be sure to check the reverse of the bill for payment options and other relevant information.


Sample bill

If you have questions about your bill, please call Customer Service at (813) 272-6680