Making a Vaccine Appointment


What You Need to Know

Who can get the vaccine?
Currently, Hillsborough County is distributing the vaccine to residents age 65 and older.

Is there a cost to be vaccinated?
There is no cost to be vaccinated at one of the County’s public vaccination sites. Insurance is not required.

Are appointments required?
Yes, appointments are mandatory. There will be no vaccines for persons without appointments, and there is no waiting list.


Helpful FAQs

Do I need to be a Hillsborough County resident to be vaccinated at these sites?
No, there is not a statewide residency requirement to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and you do not need to be a resident of Hillsborough County to receive a vaccine at these distribution sites. Residents, full-time and seasonal, as well as visitors age 65 years and older may register for an appointment. Appointments are mandatory.

If I work in health care or am considered an essential employee, but I am not age 65 or older, can I still be vaccinated at one of these sites?
At this time, the public vaccination sites are only for people who are age 65 and older.

Why do I see Orange County as an option?
When all appointments are booked at a particular site, it reverts to the nearest site in our system with open appointments. Orange County currently has available appointments for EMS workers only (using a special code). The system we are using is a statewide solution, so any county on the system that has capacity will show up if Hillsborough County does not have available appointments.

Why aren’t there more appointments available?
Quantities of the vaccine are limited, and demand is overwhelming. Please be assured that the County is making every effort to vaccinate residents as quickly as possible based on the quantities of vaccine that are provided by the state of Florida. As availability of the vaccine grows and demand evens out, it will be easier to ensure everyone who qualifies receives an appointment. Meanwhile, the County is striving to make the process work smoothly.

When will more appointments become available?
Hillsborough County expects to receive new supplies of vaccines from the state weekly. Vaccination appointments will be made available based on supply.

How many doses of the vaccine are required?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the two authorized and recommended vaccines to prevent COVID-19 in the United States both need two doses to be effective.

What vaccine will be available at the public dispensing sites?
The type of vaccine depends on supplies provided by the state. Ask the health care worker who is administering the injection what type is being dispensed that day for first-time recipients.

My spouse/partner and I share the same email address, how do I create two accounts?
One account should be created with your email address and the second separate account may be created with a valid telephone number and you can select “I don’t have an Email”. At the time of account creation, you will receive a unique identification code for use with logging in with your phone number.

Can I schedule my appointment at the same time as my spouse/partner?
Yes, it is possible. For those attempting to secure appointments for their spouse/partner in the same age group, it is advised that you contact the call center at (850) 848-5287 to attempt to schedule both appointments at the same time. The call center will have to register each person separately.

For those who would still prefer to schedule online, each individual would first need to set up their individual account, then attempt to secure individual appointment slots. Should the same time slot not be available when scheduling your spouse/partner’s appointment, secure the next available appointment and then email to request a change in the appointment to the same time as your spouse/partner.