Local Mitigation Strategy Documents

Hillsborough County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) 2020 Plan Update

The 2020 LMS Plan is coordinated through appropriate state, local, and regional agencies as well as nongovernmental interest groups. This plan, and its future revisions, will provide guidance in merging the planning efforts of all local governments, the private sector, and non-profit organizations within Hillsborough County into one viable, comprehensive, mitigation program.

The LMS Plan identifies hazards based on the history of disasters within the county and lists goals, directives, strategies, and actions for reducing future losses. Implementation of planned, pre-identified, and cost-effective mitigation measures not only helps to reduce losses to lives, property, and the environment but it also streamlines the disaster recovery process.

LMS Plan

*All additional projects that have been approved by the LMS Working Group (to date) will be reflected in the next annual update.

Public Outreach for LMS Updates

*For regular LMS WG meeting agendas/meeting minutes, please refer back to our LMS WG page.


For questions about the LMS plan or more information email the Office of Innovation and Resiliency.