Bullfrog Creek Remapping


Since the County’s last Watershed Management Master Plan, the Bullfrog Creek area has seen increased development.  Consequently, the watershed model is being updated to better define the area’s current flood risk.

Since that study will not be completed for several more years, a smaller area of the watershed has been targeted for an interim study, which could be done more quickly. This study, known as a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR), will provide updated flood risk information for the floodway and floodplain and allow the County to start using it in their floodplain management sooner.

What to Expect

Using the most current data and latest technology, the updated flood maps will show areas where the risk of flooding has changed.  In this area of Bullfrog Creek area, most property owners will not experience a change.  There will be some that their flood risk has actually reduced and flood insurance may no longer be required by their lender.  They are encouraged to continue to carry flood insurance and convert their policy to a lower-cost Preferred Risk Policy as their risk is reduced, not removed. Premiums start at less than $200 per year.

A few property owners will find that their flood risk is higher.  This will affect future building requirements as well as flood insurance requirements and costs.  However, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has cost-saving insurance rating options to help reduce the financial impact of a map change. Your insurance agent should be able to provide more information or go to www.FEMA.gov/NFIP.  


The following are the Bullfrog Creek remapping milestones:

October 2015

  • Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) study started

December 2017

  • Preliminary LOMR issued for review
  • 90-day Public Comment period starts

March 2018

  • Public Comment period ends
  • Appeals and comments addressed

April 2018

  • LOMR becomes effective
  • Changes in flood insurance requirements become effective


Hillsborough County Public Works' Hazard Mitigation Program - (813) 635-5400

Additional Information

To view a copy of the affected panels of the FIRM in person, visit the Public Works Department at 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 22nd Floor, in downtown Tampa, during normal business hours. 

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