Safe Travels

As we live, work and play in Hillsborough, we want to feel safe.

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Commitment to Safe Travel in Hillsborough

County officials, County employees, and community members are working together and committing to create safer streets.

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The 5 E's of Safe Travel

See Safe Travels Hillsborough in action and learn about the 5 E's of safe travel: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Emergency Response, and Equity.

See Safe Travels Hillsborough in Action

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Safety Programs

Safe Travels Hillsborough Mobility Safety Programs use the Safe System Approach to proactively reduce serious and fatal injuries.


Learn About Safety Programs

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Transportation News

Read about transportation news and projects from around the County.


Stay Informed

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Safe Travels Hillsborough Featured Projects

We have multiple projects going on around Hillsborough County. See the featured projects.

Featured Projects List & Map

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See Safe Travels and other Public Works projects from around the County.

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Tampa's World Car Free Day