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Concerned citizens, land owners, community and civic associations, and government agencies can nominate sites for the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP). The purpose for environmental lands is for  the conservation and protection of environmentally unique, irreplaceable and valued ecological resources.  We will open all lands chosen for the program to public use and enjoyment, as long as we find such use is compatible with the  conservation and protection of these lands.


There is no fee or obligation associated with the nomination.


Each environmental lands project shall be qualified by satisfying one or more of the following criteria:
  1. Land containing native, relatively unaltered flora and fauna, including wetlands, uplands and transitional systems, representing a natural habitat unique to, or scarce within the State of Florida or Hillsborough County
  2. Land that provides or could provide a habitat important to the support or protection of state or federally listed species
  3. Land containing an unusual, outstanding, or unique geologic feature. 
  4. Land which plays a vital role in the enhancement and protection of water quality and quantity, including ground water resources, or which provides protection for fish and wildlife habitat but which cannot be adequately protected through local, state, and federal regulatory programs.
  5. Land that provides valuable access, urban/rural land links, protection zones, or additions to existing environmentally sensitive lands or which forms part of a natural greenway system which functions as a habitat corridor associated with such lands, and which is essential for protection and management of those environmentally sensitive lands
  6. Land containing significant archaeological sites
  7. Provided their qualifying criteria remains consistent with ELAPP, any project which has been approved to receive at least fifty percent acquisition funding through a Florida Forever or related preservation program such as:
  • Southwest Florida Water Management District / Save our Rivers
  • State Conservation and Recreation Lands Program
  • Florida Communities Trust or Greenways and Trails Program


  • Preserving and protecting endangered, environmentally-sensitive and significant lands in Hillsborough County
  • Citizen-based program with volunteer committees involved in every key aspect of the program


Things To Consider

  • We accept nominations until December 31 and consider them during the following year
  • After nomination, the site goes through a review and assessment process to determine its environmental significance
  • Selected sites are presented to the Hillsborough County Parks Board and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for approval
  • We hold public meetings to present information and answer questions
  • Even if approved for the program, there is no guarantee that it will be preserved
  • ELAPP is a voluntary program
  • We will not use eminent domain to acquire property for preservation
  • Property owners may have their property removed from the program
  • If a property owner doesn't wish to sell, ELAPP doesn't force the sale
  • If a property owner wants more than the property is worth or more than the program is willing to pay, ELAPP doesn't have to buy the land

How To

  1. Download the nomination application
  2. Complete and submit it to:
    Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program
    Conservation and Land Management Dept.
    Bell Creek Administrative Office
    10940 McMullen Road
    Riverview, FL 33569

What's Next

  1. We will consider all nomination received from the prior year
  2. The ELAPP site assessment committee will review the nomination and approve or decline it
  3. If it is approved it will go on to the site selection committee, the site review team, the BOCC, and public hearings
  4. If we select the site for the program and funds are available, we will move forward with trying to acquire the land

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