We manage more than 63,400 acres of environmentally sensitive wildlife habitat and corridors acquired through the Jan K. Platt Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP).

Management responsibilities include:

  • Prescribed burning
  • Invasive species control
  • Wildlife inventory
  • Trail maintenance
  • Feral animal control
  • Habitat improvements for endangered and threatened species of plants and animals

ELAPP is a voluntary program established for the purpose of providing the process and funding for identifying, acquiring, preserving and protecting endangered, environmentally-sensitive and significant lands in Hillsborough County. It is a citizen-based program with volunteer committees involved in every key aspect of the program.

ELAPP is not a regulatory program, but lands are identified for the program because of their environmental significance.

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ELAPP timeline

  • January 1987
    • The Board of County Commissioners approved an Environmentally-Sensitive Lands Ordinance, which provided $21 million over a four-year period to acquire environmentally-sensitive lands
  • 1990
    • County voters approved the issuance of up to $100 million in bonds over a 20-year period to acquire additional lands
  • November 2008
    • Voters approved the issuance of up to $200 million in bonds



For more information on ELAPP or how to nominate a site for the ELAP program, call (813) 672-7876.