ELAPP Committees

General Committee

  • Consists of any individual with an interest in preserving the natural areas of Hillsborough County
  • Membership is voluntary and attained through attending committee meetings


  • To vote you must attend three of the last six meetings, unless a charter member
    • A charter member is defined as having attended at least 10 meetings in the last five years
  • We will maintain a list of General Committee members from meeting sign-in sheets
  • The sign-in sheets will identify those in attendance as members, interested parties, and staff
  • County staff and interested parties may provide information as requested by committee members and participate as nonvoting members


  • The ELAPP General Committee will meet a minimum of two times a year
  • Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed based upon critical issues
  • Members will have an opportunity at each meeting to address the committee on current issues or concerns
  • Critical or controversial issues will be referred to subcommittee for review and research, and then brought back before the full committee for discussion and approval

Site Assessment Team

  • Will objectively gather information and assess nominated environmental land sites utilizing the preliminary assessment proceedings and the site assessment procedures established
  • Produce preliminary and full site assessment reports
  • Consists of:
    • Citizens-at-Large (3)
      • Must demonstrate an interest in natural resource related environmental issues by active participation in local issues related to the environment
    • Environmental Biologist / Conservation and Environmental Lands Management Department (2 each)
      • At least two years experience working in the field of natural resource management and to have a B.S. degree in a related field
    • Environmental Regulatory Agency representative (1)
      • A background in the natural sciences with experience in the field of environmental regulation
    • Southwest Florida Water Management District representative (1)
      • Surface Water Improvement Management Improvement, SWFWMD-SWIM
    • Senior Park Manager (Conservation and Environmental Lands Management Department)
      • At least two years experience in managing a large natural resource oriented public facility and resource-based recreation area
    • Representatives from the three municipalities in Hillsborough County
      • A background in botany, forestry, or plant ecology, with experience in a related field
      • City of Tampa (2)
      • City of Temple Terrace (1)
      • City of Plant City (1)

Site Selection Committee

  • Objectively evaluates and prioritizes nominated environmental land sites by utilizing the qualification and evaluation criteria in conjunction with assessment reports from the Site Assessment Team
  • Consists of nine members selected from the following criteria, with consideration to geographic distribution, electing a chair on an annual basis:
    • Citizens at Large
      • Proven interests in the preservation of natural resources which have been demonstrated by outstanding individual effort
    • Naturalist
      • A professional in the field of environmental biology with at least a master’s degree in a related field
    • Parks, Recon and Conservation Board Member
    • Local environmental group representative
      • Member of a group or groups, such as Tampa Audubon Society, Tampa Bay Sierra Club, Florida Native Plant Society, or The Nature Conservancy.
    • Local government representative 
      • Experienced in public acquisition of environmentally sensitive lands and in development of those lands for resource-based recreation.
    • Business community representative
      • Proven interest in the preservation of natural resources and demonstrated a balanced understating of economic values and natural resource conservation values

Site Review Team

  • Members utilize factors affecting acquisition criteria and site assessment reports to assist the Site Selection Team's efforts
  • The General Committee will review and appoint members on an as needed basis.
  • Consists of individuals in government with expertise necessary to review site assessments and provide information essential to properly evaluate the feasibility of site acquisition
    • County and Municipal Attorney’s Offices representative
    • County and Municipal Parks, Recreation and Conservation Departments representative
    • County and Municipal Planning and Growth Management Departments representative
    • County and Municipal Real Estate Departments representative
    • Hillsborough County City - County Planning Commission representative
    • Southwest Florida Water Management District - Land Resources Department representative

Site Management Team

  • Assists with development of Management Plans for each site acquired or protected through ELAPP
  • Members provide insight on issues such as public access, passive recreational use, exotic species control, trail development, and restoration activities
  • This is a volunteer subcommittee of the ELAPP General Committee and open to those who wish to participate
  • Ideally, there are approximately 15 members
  • This team will develop the criteria to determine if a site is appropriate for public use, and meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis