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We offer after school programs at various locations throughout the County. You can register your child for the traditional after school program or the adaptive recreation program for kids with special needs.



  • $76 every two weeks- Full rate
  • $60 every two weeks - With current REDUCED school lunch letter
  • $40 every two weeks - With current FREE school lunch letter
  • $40 every two weeks - Middle School students


  • We provide a general after school programs for children in grades K-8 at various recreation centers around the County
  • We also offer adaptive after school program called Camp Sparks for those with disabilities as well as an inclusion program at select sites
  • All programs follow the Hillsborough County School District calendar
  • The programs are also available for the following Camp Days:
    • early release days
    • non-student/teacher planning days
    • fall, winter, and spring breaks


Things To Consider

  • Prior to registration, you must establish an online Parks & Recreation account to sign up for after school programs
  • If your child has a current reduced or free lunch letter, you may qualify for a fee reduction
    • You must submit a copy of the lunch letter to an after school center or Camp Sparks location prior to registration
  • Camp Days (student holidays) are included with enrollment and participation
    • Camp Days are available to participants who are not enrolled in the after school program
    • The fee is due at registration
    • You must have a Parks & Recreation online account to sign up for Camp Days


How To

  1. Create or sign into your online parks and recreation account
  2. Select your location and the type of program
  3. Complete registration

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