Camp Days

If you need a way to keep your kid entertained for holidays and non-student days in a safe, supervised environment with well-trained staff, then check out our Camp Days. Our Parks and Recreation staff create a fun-filled atmosphere where kids can play and explore during extended breaks and days when school is out.

Good to know

  • If your kids are already enrolled in the After School or Camp Sparks programs, Camp Days are included at no extra cost
  • Kids who aren't enrolled in After School/Camp Sparks can participate in Camp Days for a small fee
  • Camp Days are open to students in K-8th grade 

2022-2023 Camp Day Schedule and Costs

Camp Days are from 7:30 AM to 6 PM

Break Date Cost for Non-After School/Camp Sparks Participants
Fall break Nov. 21-22, 2022 $38 for the week
Winter break Dec. 27-30, 2022

$38 for the week

Winter break  Jan. 3-6, 2023  $38 for the week
Non-student day  Friday, Feb. 17, 2023
$8 for the day 
Non-student day Monday, Mar. 6, 2023 $8 for the day
Spring break Mar. 13 - 17, 2023 $38 for the week
Non-student day  Friday, Apr. 7, 2023
$8 for the day 


  • Create or sign into your online parks and recreation account
  • Select your location and the type of program (Camp Days - "Location of program")
    • Select the Search button at the bottom of the "Activity Search Criteria Box"
    • Not all After School and Camp Sparks locations offer Camp Days
  • Select the dates you wish to register your child for Camp Days
  • Complete registration


If you need more information or assistance, email or call (813) 744-5595.