Parks & Recreation Rental FAQ

How do I rent a shelter?

Shelter rentals can be found here, by location. If you do not see the shelter you wish to reserve listed here, please contact your local recreation center.

How do I reschedule a current rental?

Please utilize the Contact Us feature.

Do I need to reserve a shelter or can I just show up?

Reservations are highly recommended, as many shelters are reserved in advance on weekends. A list of shelters by location that are available for reservation can be found here. If you do not see the shelter you wish to reserve listed here, please contact your local recreation center.

I plan to host an event with my shelter rental/room rental. Do I need to do anything in addition to making the reservation?

Is your event open to the public? If yes, any event that has more than 50 people in attendance needs to have a Special Event Application submitted, at least 90 days in advance of the date you’re seeking to have the event. Submitting a Special Event Application and receiving approval is highly recommended prior to making your reservation. If your event is not open to the public (birthday parties, wedding receptions, etc.) no Special Event Application is needed.

What comes with my shelter/room rental? Are grills, tables, and chairs included?

Amenities such as grills for shelters and tables and chairs for room rentals vary by location. To find out what is available for your rental, please contact your local recreation center.

I have questions about a current shelter rental, who do I contact?

You can reach staff for your rental by locating the park you’ve reserved and speaking with staff.

Can I bring a grill to my shelter reservation?

The use of gas grills is permitted for shelter rentals. No charcoal grills are allowed to be brought into our parks.

Do I have access to power and water at my shelter rental?

No*. There is no access to either power or water during a shelter rental.

Can I have alcohol at my shelter or room rental?

Alcohol is not permitted in County parks shelters or rooms.

Are bounce houses or mobile gaming vendors allowed at my shelter rental?

Yes**. You must utilize a county-approved vendor during your rental. Approved vendors can be found here.

Can I have amplified music or a DJ at my rental?

Rentals of indoor rooms are permitted to have amplified music and/or a DJ at a moderate sound level. Rentals of shelters are not permitted to have amplified music and/or DJs.

Can I decorate for my shelter or room rental?

Yes. Please keep in mind that all decorating must take place during the time of your rental. You may not decorate on a date or time that you have not reserved. All decorations must be removed prior to the end of your rental. No permanent attaching hardware may be used to decorate, such as nails or staples. No confetti is allowed during our rentals. The shelter or room should be left in the same condition you found it in prior to your rental.

* Shelters at Carrollwood Village Park do have access to power and water.

** Bounce houses and mobile vendors are not allowed at Carrollwood Village Park.