Skate Parks and Team

Think you've got what it takes to learn how to ollie, kickflip or drop-in? Then you should try out for the HC Skateboard Team, compete in the Best Shredder Competition, or visit one of the County skate parks.

Admission is free. The parks are staffed with people who are passionate about skateboarding.

  1. HC Skateboard Team

    The HC Skateboard Team provides Hillsborough County residents of all ages an opportunity to participate in skateboarding and community service programs designed to help develop their skateboard skills, expand their community engagement and impact, as well as instilling a mindset of giving back and helping their local skateboard community through numerous events, contests, and services.

    Team members will:

    • Learn and develop skateboarding skills from Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation skateboard coaches during team meetings and skate days, as well as compete in local contests.
    • Learn civic engagement and community impact through skate programming community service opportunities.
    • Receive support for skateboard equipment and entry fees.

    HC Skateboard Team Age Groups:

    • 9 Years & Under
    • 10 - 12 Years Old
    • 13 - 15 Years Old
    • Girls
    • 16 Year & Older

    HC Skateboard Team Tryouts:

    The 2024 HC Skateboard Team application is now open, until October 16, 2023.


  2. Skate park locations and hours

    Level 1 - Apollo Beach Skate Park - (813) 671-7635

    • Best park for beginners, but still fun for intermediate and advanced

    Level 1 - FishHawk Skate Park and Pump Track - (813) 744-5319

    • Designed for beginner and intermediate skaters

    Level 1 - Carrollwood Village Skate Park and Pump Track - (813) 269-2466

    • Best park for beginners and intermediate skaters.

    Level 2 - Jackson Springs Skate Park - (813) 554-5004

    • Designed for intermediate skaters, but beginners and advanced are welcome

    Level 3 - Providence Skate Park - (813) 744-5319

    • Designed for intermediate and advanced skaters, but beginners will have fun too

    Hours of operation (unless otherwise noted)

    • Monday - Saturday, 10 AM to 9 PM
    • Providence Skate Park is open Friday & Saturday, 10 AM to 10 PM
    • Sunday, Noon to 6 PM
    • Carrollwood Village Skate Park and Pump Track is open daily, 7 AM to 9 PM

    The skate parks will be closed on the following holidays in 2022:

    • New Years day (Jan. 1)
    • Independence day (July 4)
    • Thanksgiving (Nov. 25)
    • Christmas eve and Christmas (Dec. 24 and 25)
    • Carrollwood Village and FishHawk Pump Tracks are open on all holidays, except Christmas Day
  3. Skate park rules and regulations
    • Skateboards and in-line skates only
    • The skate park is used by inexperienced and experienced skate board riders and inline skaters alike
      • Serious injury may occur from colliding with other riders, falling on the concrete surface and from flying objects
      • Use of skateboards and in-line skates is an inherent risk and Hillsborough Ccounty Parks & Recreation department (HCPRD) does not assume responsibility for injuries
      • Use of the facility is at your own risk. (Florida Statute 316.0085)
    • All skaters must check in at the front desk for entry into the skate park
      • Unlawful entry into the facility will result in a trespassing citation and suspension from the facility
    • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times
    • Helmets are recommended for all, but required for participants 17 and under
    • Elbow and knee pads are recommended for all, but are required for skaters 12 and younger
    • The following are not permitted:
      • Smoking
      • Smokeless Tobacco
      • Drug Use / Possession
      • Alcohol Possession / Consumption
      • Food and Drinks (in skating area)
      • Personal Amplified Music
      • Glass Containers
      • Gum
      • Pets
      • Weapons Of Any Kind
      • Skate Wax
      • BMX Bikes or Bicycles Of Any Type (Permitted at Carrollwood Village and FishHawk Pump Tracks only)
      • Rip Sticks, Scooters, Motorized Skateboards
    • Horseplay, fighting and profanity is not permitted at the park
    • No graffiti
      • Graffiti removal harms your skating surface
      • Violators will be banned from the park

    HCPRD reserves the right to change the hours of operation as necessary and close the park due to inclement weather, special events and any other reason deemed necessary. The skate park will not be operable when the skating surface is wet.

    HCPRD reserves the right to restrict entry to the facility and ask individuals to leave the park without refund if these guidelines are not followed or unsafe behavior is observed.

    Please report comments, suggestions or problems to the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department. Phone (813) 744-5319

    Complete Skate Park Rules

  4. Skateboard lessons

    Skateboard lessons will be offered August 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024. Skateboarding lessons help skaters develop fundamental skills. All skill levels, including beginners, are welcome.

    Lesson information


    • Apollo Beach Skate Park - All Skill Levels
    • Carrollwood Village Park - Beginner
    • Providence Skate Park - All Skill Levels


    • Apollo Beach Skate Park
      Friday 5:30pm - 6:30pm and 6:45pm - 7:45pm - Beginner
    • Carrollwood Village Park
      Saturday, 9:00am – 10:00am - Beginner
    • Providence Skate Park
      Tuesday, 6pm - 7pm - Teen
      Wednesday, 6pm - 7pm - Youth
      Thursday, 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Girls
      Saturday, 10am - 11am - Youth


    Ages and rules

    • Apollo Beach
      7 - 12
    • Carrollwood Village Park
      Beginners - 7 - 12
    • Providence Skate Park
      Youth - 7 - 12
      Teen - 13 - 17
    • All skaters must have a board
    • Helmet recommended for all, but required for 17 and Under.
    • Skaters 12 and Under must have a helmet, elbow & knee pads as well as have a parent or guardian with them.
    • All lessons are offered and billed monthly at a rate of $5 per hour.

    See Schedule & Register

  5. Skate camps

    We offer skate camps at Providence Skate Park during winter and spring breaks, as well as camp days when kids are out of school. Registration is available online through your Parks & Rec account.

    Sign Up for Skate Camps 

  6. Best Shredder Contest Series

    Since 2015, we have held an annual Best Shredder Contest Series to determine who gets to claim that title! Find out the dates for the series and see the standings for all the divisions.

    Best Shredder Info

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