Athletic FAQs

General Information

  1. How can I reach someone in the Athletics' Division?
  2. How many athletic fields does Hillsborough County’s Parks and Recreation Department manage?
    • The Department has the largest field management program in the state of Florida with over 290 fields. Interactive Fields Map.
  3. Do athletics trainers or coaches need a permit to train athletes at Hillsborough County sports complexes and parks?
    • Yes, any organized or paid training, practices, or games held on a field or open space require a permit. Permits can be obtained by emailing
  4. Can pets accompany visitors to Hillsborough County Sport Complexes?
    • While we appreciate your love for animals, please note that pets are not permitted inside Hillsborough County sports facilities. However, we warmly welcome service animals as defined by the ADA.

      Service animals include trained dogs (including those in training) that assist individuals with disabilities. Service animals must remain under the control of their owners throughout their visit.
  5. What is TEAM HC?
    • The Hillsborough County's TEAM HC Program offers local travel ball teams a valuable opportunity for player development and safety. With two two-hour practices per week and six eight-week sessions, the program provides access to groomed and lighted fields, along with cost-effective practice space.

      Through consistent practices, structured training, and a strong emphasis on player development and safety, this program is ideal for those seeking to enhance their team's skills while ensuring a secure playing environment. Join the TEAM HC Program and empower your team to excel throughout the year.


Rentals and Special Events

  1. How do I rent a field?
  2. Do you have a list of all your rental fields?
  3. What’s the cost to rent a field?
    • The cost to rent a field is $30/hr plus tax with a minimum of 2 hours, per BOCC policy. A full day per field is $275.
  4. Do we have to rent for 2 hours?
    • Yes, there is a minimum of two hours for all field rentals.
  5. Does the full-day rental include field prep?
    • Clay fields will be dragged and ready for play. Renters are responsible for their own field markings (Foul Lines, Batter’s Boxes, Football Hash Marks, Soccer Lines, Lacrosse Lines, etc.)
  6. Do I need to fill out a special event application for my rental?
    • If your rental is for a fundraiser, large gathering, or other organized event that will bring in spectators or the general public, you must fill out a special event application.
  7. Is alcohol allowed?
    • No.
  8. Can I bring a vendor to my rental reservation?
    • Vendors are welcome at your event, depending on what the company will vend there may be a fee of $50.00 to be paid by each vendor to the County. They also need to submit a Hillsborough County vendor packet.
  9. Are bouncy houses allowed?
  10. Can I cook food at my event?
    • No outside cooking. You may use approved County food vendors. Contact Athletics staff for approved food vendors.
  11. Are lights included with my rental, if so, how do they come on.
    • Lights are included with athletic field rentals at sites with lighting.
  12. Can I just rent a portion of the field?
    • No. You must rent the entire field.
  13. Who does I need to contact for gymnasium, picnic shelters, open field space, or non-athletic field rentals?
    • If you are interested in a rental at one of the facilities listed below, please contact All People's Life Center at (813) 744-5978 for additional assistance.  
      • All Peoples
      • Jackson Springs
      • Northdale
      • Westchase
      • Gardenville
      • Emanuel P. Johnson
      • Ruskin
      • Mango


Insurance, Background Check, & Other Compliance Requirements

  1. Do I need insurance to rent a field?
    • Yes. The insurance requirements vary depending on the circumstance, but generally the insurance requirements are as follows:
      • General Liability for $1,000,000/occurrence
      • Medical for $10,000
      • Additional insured, “Hillsborough County BOCC 601 East Kennedy Boulevard Tampa FL 33602" on an Endorsement page
      • If you are a Pre- Approved Partner of Hillsborough County, most requirements may be met, except the specific site and visiting teams' insurance
  2. Where can I get the required insurance?
    • You can acquire the proper insurance from most insurance companies. Search the web for “Insurance for youth or adult sports teams.” It is fairly inexpensive and easily acquired.
  3. Do you accept participant liability waivers?
    • Generally we do not accept liability waivers and we require rentals to have liability insurance; however, depending on the event style, this requirement can be waived if participants are required to sign waivers before field use.
  4. What other requirements are there for coaches?
    • Concussion education training, and if they are a team then they also need volunteer training and AED, CPR, and First Aid Training
  5. Does Hillsborough County provide equipment? (Goals, nets, etc.) If so, what site provides this.
    • In most cases, goals, nets and other sport specific equipment is not supplied by the County. Renters are responsible for bringing and removing their own equipment.
  6. What sports are pre-lined on Synthetic fields?
    • Most of our rectangle synthetic turf fields are lined for soccer and lacrosse.
  7. Can I add lines on Synthetic Fields?
    • No. We do not allow renters to add lines to synthetic turf fields.
  8. Who paints lines on grass fields?
    • The renters are responsible for painting the fields.
  9. Why do I need to be Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Background checked?
    • Having an FDLE background check is a state law and a necessary requirement for volunteering with Hillsborough County's Parks and Rec Athletic Division for several important reasons:
      • Safety and Security: Hillsborough County's Parks and Rec Athletic Division prioritizes the safety and well-being of all participants, especially when it involves working with children or vulnerable populations. Conducting background checks helps ensure a safe environment by screening volunteers for any criminal history that may pose a risk to participants.
      • Legal Compliance: Conducting background checks aligns with legal requirements and best practices in many jurisdictions. It helps the division meet its obligation to protect individuals from potential harm and minimizes the liability associated with negligence or inadequate vetting processes.
      • Quality Assurance: Implementing a thorough screening process, including background checks, helps ensure that volunteers have the appropriate qualifications and character traits to work effectively with participants in athletic programs. It contributes to maintaining the quality of services offered by the division.
      • Volunteer Program Integrity: The background check requirement demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a reputable volunteer program. It helps prevent individuals with a history of misconduct or criminal behavior from participating in roles that involve direct interaction with program participants, thus safeguarding the division's reputation.


Recreational Youth and Adult Sports Leagues

  1. How do I sign my child up for a youth-sport league in Hillsborough County?
    • Hillsborough County offers a variety of youth sports leagues through the Recreation Division, such as soccer, flag football, ball hockey, and basketball. Register for an HC Youth Recreation League.

      Additionally, thousands of youth athletes compete in leagues managed by Hillsborough County’s 55+ non-profit partner Youth Sports Organizations (YSOs). Visit our Partner Youth Leagues to learn more about the sports and leagues provided by our YSO partners.
  2. Does Hillsborough County provide sports programming for adults.