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 To help prevent homelessness, we offer rental payment assistance to eligible households, including deposits, home mortgage (no foreclosures), apartment rent, mobile home, lot rent, and utilities (if included in the lease.)

Things To Consider

  • Your landlord will be required to complete the Landlord Verification form
  • Hillsborough County Code Enforcement is required to conduct a property inspection for customers seeking rental assistance. Rental property inspections are mandatory to authorize rental payment assistance.
  • Code Enforcement will contact the owner or tenant within seven days to schedule the inspection.
  • Code Enforcement will notify the landlord and/or tenant with the inspection results
  • The owner or property manager can be present during the inspection to ensure entry and immediate feedback if any problems are found
  • If the property fails inspection, the property will be re-inspected within 30 days
  • All inspectors will wear a Code Enforcement uniform and badge
  • Rental assistance may be withheld pending results of the inspection

How To

  1. If you think you qualify for assistance, download the Rent Application Checklist
  2. Gather the following documents:
    • Provide proper identification for everyone in the household
      • Acceptable forms of ID:
        • Driver's license
        • State ID
        • Immigration verification
        • Military ID
        • VA identification
        • Passport
        • Naturalization document
      • Acceptable forms of ID for minors include a driver's license, state ID, immigration verification, birth certificate, school record, immunization record, passport, or naturalization document
    • Social Security number verification
    • Proof of lease or mortgage obligation
    • Completed W-9 Form
  3. Contact your local Community Resource Center
    • Additional requirements may be necessary for eligibility determination depending on each household situation

Get Help

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