Free Tax Preparation

Do you need information on how to prepare and file your taxes? Are you interested in learning more about financial stability for your household? In 2004, a collaboration of public, private, and nonprofit organizations created and established the Hillsborough County Free Tax Preparation Program to help residents save more of their earnings during tax season, free of charge.The free service is available to individuals and families with adjusted grosss incomes of no more than $64,000 a year.

Functions of the program

  • Access free, conveniently located quality tax preparation and electronic filing
  • Increase your financial stability by connecting to financial education opportunities
  • Learn, understand, and claim Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and other helpful credits that apply to your tax bracket 

Tax assistance

Every designated site is run by a knowledgeable staff, from trained volunteers to IRS-certified preparers. They will help all residents complete their paperwork and electronically file their tax returns, as well as assist with other tax related duties.

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