Senior Services Statistics

Hillsborough County Department of Aging Services is committed to providing residents with information regarding services delivered to seniors in our County. The data below is updated on a quarterly basis.

BOCC New Enrollments (by program and month)

Aging Services received additional funding from the Board of County Commissioners to address seniors in need of services who remain on the wait list. This additional funding is being used to create three new service lines for individuals on the wait list. The new services lines will offer these individuals services while they wait to become eligible for grant funding. The new service lines listed in the table below are as follows:

  • Emergency Alert Response provides emergency alert response services to frail seniors at risk of falling.
  • Home Delivered Meals provides nutritious home delivered meals to homebound seniors.
  • Basic Care Plan provides case management and a specified amount of in-home services to high-priority wait listed seniors.

Between 7/01/2022 - 9/30/2022

Program Clients Served
BOCC - Emergency Alert Response 387
BOCC - Home Delivered Meals 169
BOCC- Basic Care Plan 280
Total Unduplicated BOCC Clients Served 731

Clients Served (by service)

The table below denotes clients receiving listed services during the referenced period of time. Services are broken down by quarter and represent a duplicated count of individuals receiving services.

Between 7/01/2022 - 9/30/2022

Service Clients Served
Adult Day Care 54
Case Management 1791
Chore / Enhanced Chore
Companion Care 72
Congregate Meals 900
EAR-Fall Detection 168
EAR-Land Line 104
EAR-Wireless 329
Home Delivered Meals 2236
Homemaking 449
Nutrition Counseling 73
Personal Care 258
Pest Control 8
Active Senior 1414*
Respite 165
Transportation 103
Total Unduplicated Clients Served 5577**

*Active Senior clients are tracked by enrollments and do not reflect clients served in that period.

**Unduplicated total reflects clients served in all programs + active senior enrollments.


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