Accessible Parking for Businesses

An accessible parking space consist of a vehicle space and a striped access aisle beside it providing accessible parking for people with disabilities.

The parking space must allow for a person in a wheelchair to adequately open their door and get their wheelchair out of their vehicle. Any facility offering parking for employees or visitors must provide accessible parking. The entire space must be clear of obstructions at all times; including bicycle racks, seasonal garden displays, shopping carts and trash cans.

Accessibility Guidelines and FAQ's

The accessibility guidelines and FAQs below present an overview of the minimum accessible parking requirements in Hillsborough County.

  1. How many accessible parking spaces are required:
  2. In general, parking space requirements for the disabled must be provided as shown in the following table, except as follows:
    • Outpatient units and facilities shall provide 10 percent of the total parking spaces as accessible
    • Units and facilities specializing in treatment or services for persons with mobility impairments shall provide 20 percent of the total parking spaces as accessible
    • In parking structures, one in every eight accessible spaces, but not less than one, shall be designated "van accessible" with a minimum vertical clearance of 98 inches

    Total Parking Spots in Lot Required Number of Accessible Spaces
    Up to 25 1
    26 to 50 2
    51 to 75 3
    76 to 100 4
    101 to 150 5
    151 to 200 6
    201 to 300 7
    301 to 400 8
    401 to 500 9
    501 to 1000 2 percent of total
    over 1000 2 percent plus 1 for each 100 over 1000

  3. Are there size requirements for accessible spaces?
    • Yes diagonal or perpendicular accessible parking spaces must be at least 12 feet wide with an adjacent five foot access aisle. Access aisles must be diagonally striped in white paint to designate a no parking zone.

  4. Where should accessible spaces be located?
  5. Parking spaces should be located on the shortest possible safely accessible pedestrian path to the entrance. All spaces must be accessible to a curb ramp, or curb cut, when necessary to allow access to the building or structure.

  6. What signs and markings are required?
  7. Florida Statutes require each accessible parking space to be prominently outlined with paint and posted with a permanent above-grade sign of a color and design approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) bearing the international symbol of accessibility and the caption "PARKING BY DISABLED PERMIT ONLY." The parking sign must also indicate the penalty for illegal use of the space. In addition parking spaces are required to have both white and blue stripes and access aisles should be marked in white.

    Manuals and Drawings

    For more information call Public Works at (813) 635-5400.

  8. Can I be "grandfathered" in?
  9. No. Businesses or privately owned facilities that provide goods or services to the public have a continuing ADA obligation to remove barriers to access in existing parking lots when it is readily achievable to do so. Re-striping is relatively inexpensive, thus, it is readily achievable in most cases. Furthermore, when creating or re-striping accessible parking spaces, the Florida Accessibility Codes and FDOT guidelines should be used.

  10. What are the penalties for not complying with the law?
  11. If the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Department finds a facility in violation of the County Land Development Code, the owner will be given a reasonable period of time to comply. If compliance is not achieved the case will be forwarded to the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Board or Special Magistrate. Anyone found guilty at these hearings faces a fine of up to $1,000 for each day that the violation continues to exist. This fine is assessed as a lien against all properties owned by the violator.

    If the fines continue to accumulate for 90 days, the matter will be turned over to the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office for possible foreclosure.

Laws that govern disabled parking

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For more information on Hillsborough County Parking requirements, call Public Works at (813) 635-5400.

For additional information concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act contact the Hillsborough County ADA Liaison at (813) 276-8401.