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When are Hillsborough County caladiums available at local nurseries and big-box stores? Throughout the year. What varieties of caladiums are grown commercially here? Florida Blizzard, Florida Moonlight, Florida Whitewater, Florida Red Ruffle, Florida White Ruffle, and Florida Irish Lace. Where are...
OK, so demographically speaking, Hillsborough County residents of Irish decent don't drive our population numbers. But as luck would have it, Hillsborough County grows the one big ingredient that can bring out a bit of the Irish in all of us - cabbage (cabáiste in Gaelic). Hillsborough...
Fun facts: Mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit in the world. They are related to cashews and pistachios. When are fresh local mangoes available at local groceries and farm stands? May through October, depending on variety, with the highest production in June and July. What types of mangoes...
Did you know Hillsborough County is home to dozens of crops? Local farmers are responsible for growing many of the fruits and vegetables that land in area grocery stores. Learn about them here.