Public Works

What we do

The Public Works team provides safe and efficient transportation in the county by maintaining roads, bridges, traffic signals, and street signs. The team also maintains functional stormwater systems that protect the public and provides mosquito management.

Public Works services are provided through two departments: Capital Programs and Engineering & Operations.

Capital Programs

  • Provides planning, design, and construction of capital improvement program projects for transportation, stormwater, and facilities (parks, libraries, fire stations).
  • Provides inspections of developer construction including:
    • Subdivision infrastructure and land alteration
    • Private and public utilities in County Right-of-Way
    • Public contributed assets in County Right-of-Way
    • Commercial property improvements (non-building construction assets)
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Engineering & Operations

  • Provides maintenance, management and engineering for transportation and stormwater infrastructure, including:
    • Traffic management - manage and operate an Intelligent Transportation System for efficient travel and improved safety for everyone using the roads and sidewalks. To manage traffic we use:
    • Roadway maintenance (pot hole patching, tree trimming, ditch maintenance)
    • Pavement, bridge, and sidewalk programs
    • Stormwater flooding investigations
    • Floodplain Management
    • Mosquito management

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Contact us

Address:  County Center, 22nd floor
601 E. Kennedy Blvd.,
Tampa, FL 33602

Department Director, Capital Programs: James E. Hudock, P.E.

Department Director, Engineering & Operations: Josh Bellotti, P.E.

Phone: (813) 635-5400