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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Power Up Hillsborough County Fleet

Of the hundreds of vehicles utilized and maintained by Hillsborough County, a growing number of them use alternative fuels. Compressed natural gas, electric, and gas-electric hybrid vehicles now make up approximately 25 percent of cars managed by Hillsborough County Fleet Management for the nearly 40 departments and agencies it serves. The proportion of alternative fuel vehicles utilized by the County is expected to increase as manufacturers offer light truck and small sport utility vehicles with electric and hybrid options at competitive pricing. When additional vehicles are needed and existing vehicles age out of service, alternative models are always considered.

One example of the ongoing fleet transition is Public Utilities' plan to replace four cars used by their meter readers with Prius hybrids. The estimated 50-miles-per-gallon Prius is expected to reduce fuel costs for this high mileage part of their operations.

Real Estate & Facilities is already using an all-electric shared pool car and several flexible-fuel service vans, which use cleaner burning and more renewable ethanol-based fuel. The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County uses electric, hybrid, and compressed natural gas vehicles as part of their fleet.

The County supports continued fleet sustainability through other efforts, such as rightsizing vehicles and equipment, driver modification training, a program to reduce engine oil usage and waste, and maintaining electric car charging stations.


Photo Information: Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County electric vehicles at a County-operated charging station.


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