Tampa Bay Active Life Games

The annual Tampa Bay Active Life Games, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Senior Games, are back!

The games usually take place in Hillsborough County each fall, however due to COVID-19, the 2020 games were canceled. We are happy to announce that this year's games will be held October 4 - 12, 2021.

Things to know

  • You must be 50 years or older to participate
  • Registration is closed 


  1. Week 1 - Oct. 4 - 9
  2. Week 2 - Oct. 10 - 12
    • Sunday, October 10
      Track & field events start at 8:30 AM at Gaither High School
      • 50 meter dash
      • 100 meter dash
      • 200 meter dash
      • 400 meter dash
      • Standing long jump
      • Shot put
      • Discus
    • Monday, October 11
      The following events start at 9 AM at Peabody's Billiards
      • Billiards
      • Darts
    • Tuesday, October 12
      • 11 AM - Closing luncheon at Carrollwood Village Park 
        • Ticket included if participating in multiple days events, or can be bought seprately if participating in a single day

Additional Information 

Watch these videos to get inspired!


  1. Do I need to be a Florida Resident to participate in the Tampa Bay Active Life Games?

    No, the Tampa Bay Active Life Games are open to all 50+ athletes. However, is you are using the Tampa Bay Active Life Games to qualify for the Florida State Senior Games, the Florida State Senior Games does require participants to be Florida residents.

  2. How do I qualify for Florida State Senior Games?

    In most events, you will need to be in the top five placement of your age group and gender.

  3. What are the dates for Florida State Senior Games?

    December 4 - 12 in Greater Ft. Lauderdale area. For more information contact games@playinflorida.com or call (850) 577-7200.

  4. What are the age brackets?

    Age brackets are determined by the age the participant is on December 31, 2021. They go 50 -54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65- 69, and so on. If you play with a partner, the age bracket you will compete in is for the youngest partner's age bracket.

  5. Since National Senior Games were postponed 2021, can I still qualify for the rescheduled May 10-23, 2022 in Ft. Lauderdale?

    Yes, you will still need to qualify at the Florida State Games.

  6. What type of track will be used for Track events?

    Rubberized Track

  7. Will there be a starting block for track?


  8. Will Pickleball be played on an indoor or outdoor court?


  9. What type of ball is used for Pickleball?

    Orange Onix for Indoor use

  10. What happens if I don't have a partner?

    We are unable to assign partners. We encourage you to go to your local recreation center and play the sport to find new partners.

  11. How do I sponsor Tampa Bay Active Life Games?

    We love our sponsors. If you are interested contact Recreation_Admin@HCFLGov.net for more information.


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