Senior and Dining Center Reopening FAQs

Aging Services Dining & Activity Centers, Senior Centers, and Adult Day Services Centers are re-opening after being closed since March 2020. Find frequently asked questions about the re-opening.


  1. What are the entry and safety protocols for County properties and buildings?

    The County is no longer screening employees, vendors, and customers to enter. They are asked to self-screen. Employees and customers will not be allowed to enter if they are exhibiting or experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.

  2. What are face-covering protocols?

    Face coverings are highly encouraged in County facilities and at job sites but are not required, though this is subject to change and dependent on the rate of transmission in the community.

    Employees serving vulnerable populations, such as clients of Aging Services, are required to continue to wear face coverings.

  3. What are the handwashing and sanitizing protocols?
    • Everybody should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building, as well as throughout the day when touching high-contact or shared areas
    • Hand sanitizer stations are available in high-traffic areas such as building entrances and exits as well as other key locations
    • The County continues to clean high-contact surfaces and high-traffic areas daily as recommended by the CDC and will continue to disinfect spaces should there be a report of COVID-19 in the facility
    • All meal sessions and wellness programming will have a half-hour between the end and start of the next session (scheduled for the same room) to allow for sanitizing procedures to be completed
  4. What are the customer and employee COVID-19-positive and/or exposure guidelines?

    County staff will follow the most current CDC and/or Florida Department of Health guidance.

  5. Can I volunteer at a dining center?

    Yes, volunteers are needed more than ever! Senior and dining centers rely on the dedicated volunteers. Select volunteer opportunities are available at designated centers.

    To volunteer, apply at or call (813) 744-5867 for additional information.

  6. Will virtual programs still be available via Zoom after the centers re-open?

    Once centers reopen, the virtual programs will take a short hiatus to allow the staff to readjust to center operations, as well as to work on restructuring the virtual programs to ensure quality and sustainability. The tentative relaunch of virtual wellness programs is summer 2022.

  7. How can I keep informed of any updates, programs, or services?

    You may call our customer care number at (813) 272-5250, or check out our webpage and social media pages at:

  8. How do I re-enroll for the Congregate Meal Program?

    You may contact the customer care number, (813) 272-5250, or speak to the center’s supervisor, who will assist you.