HCFL Alert

HCFL Alert is Hillsborough County's official mass notification system.

Get Connected. Stay Alert.

HCFL Alert is Hillsborough County’s official mass notification system. HCFL Alert is designed to keep you informed about emergencies and certain non-emergency events in Hillsborough County. By registering, you’ll receive time-sensitive, important messages – straight from us to you.


You Decide

Customize your profile to get voice, text or email messages on the devices you choose at home or work – one, some or all. You can update your contact information instantly. In addition to Emergency Alerts, you can receive optional important Informational Messages and Severe Weather Alerts.
  1. Emergency Alerts – Include evacuation or shelter-in-place instructions, hazardous-materials incidents, wildfires that threaten homes and other structures, mandatory boil-water notices, flooding that could result in a loss of life or significant property damage, and other critical public health and safety messages.

  2. Informational Messages – Cover major road work, closures, and detours on County roads, large-scale precautionary boil water notices, and other important events that may impact your daily life.

  3. Severe Weather Alerts – Include major weather events such as tropical storms, hurricanes, flood, and tornado warnings. The information is provided directly by the National Weather Service for the location information you provide.

For assistance registering, call (813) 272-6602.

For post-disaster assistance, call Emergency Management at (813) 272-6600.